8 exercises you can do right now as a new copywriter

I'm a new copywriter

You’re just starting as a copywriter, or you’d like to learn more about copywriting but don’t know where to begin? 

Today, I’m gonna share with you eight copywriting exercises that you can do right now as a beginner, even if English is not your first language.

Let’s get started.

Sign Up to Learn Email 

Subscribe to anyone and read their mail.

What happens when you read their email:

  • Know the word they use 
  • How they offer their product and service 
  • What style of writing they’re using 
  • Learn the way they write a subject line for an email
  • Which time they usually send an email to you

Before signing up, create a new email, and make it easy to follow their email.

Maybe you’ll be surprised because there are TONS of emails from many people to who you subscribed before.

All of them will come to your email box every day.

It would help if you sorted them into different folders so that you can receive emails from other people and different learning pages.

Now, you have knowledge of their work. 

Building an email archive and reading it every day is a great way to help you get deep knowledge of email copywriting, and it is totally free.

Of course, it is still not enough for you to become an email copywriter, but it is the first step of my copywriting journey, and almost all copywriters do.


Go there, and you will see a bunch of sales letters here, collect one of them and start reading.

 successful sales letter has been proven to convert sales and earn thousands of billion for businesses.

And What you want to find is the secret of those successful letters. 

Now, maybe you will need some tricks here to help you learn easier and faster. 

First, select the topic you love, such as beauty, health & wellness, food/cooking, finances, etc., then read the whole of that sales letter.

You don’t need to remember everything on this. What you should notice here is: 

  • The headline they use
  • How they write the introduction
  • The story they tell
  • What’s their guarantee
  • The call to action (CTA) 

Next, you need to highlight the five things above because that element is vital in making a sales letter successful.  

Finally, copy and paste something useful for you; maybe you like the “headline” or love the “call to action,” so simply save it in your library document. 

That’s it. Now is for the next exercise.

Write Copy

Yes, reading is the way to bring your brain knowledge, and writing is how you use that knowledge and show it through your hand. 

If you think you’re not willing to write, you need more time to learn, to read?

You’re too busy and don’t have enough time to write a copy?

No, You absolutely can write right now. 

No, you’re ready! It would be best if you did it right now.

When I first learned about copywriting, I thought I was a bit unsure and didn’t have a lot of certainties. 

Could I do this? I don’t take any courses, and English is not my first language. 

Could I actually do this? 

And I realize that you will never know how good or bad you write until you officially write.

You just need to pick up a pen, choose a piece of paper then write a single word down, step by step.

Your grammar is NOT a problem,

Your punctuation is NOT a problem, 

Even if you need one day or two days to complete your first article,

It’s okayyy! 

You don’t need to have it right.

You just have to get it moving.

Don’t stop writing to edit during your writing process. You must do this after finishing it. 

I’m not lying that my first draft is pretty much like a bull “shit.”

Hah, and I still save my first copy until now because it reminds me of the hard time I put all of my efforts into it, which brings me to a great career today. 

So, If I could do it, you could do it. 

Set Up a Daily Time for Writing.

Another challenge is setting up a daily time for writing. 

The truth is a lot of newbie freelance copywriting out there quit after their first experience with things that don’t go so well. 

And because it’s not going well, they lose their effort.

Some others are trying to write when they have “FREE” time, maybe twice a week or three times a week. 

But listen, you would not be an excellent writer if you’re not writing every day. 

You can’t become a good writer with just one first post.

Success lies in the process of practice and cultivation.

If your first post doesn’t work, try it a second time. 

The second attempt at anything complicated will be much easier.

If you write more often, you will become better at it and be able to write faster and more efficiently.

Write Short Copy First

Copywriting has many different types of copywriting. 

For example, long-form includes a long landing page, a webinar, and direct mail.

If you are a fresh copywriter, you don’t have to learn all of them. But, of course, you could if you want, but it will take you a long time.

I’d like to show you an easy, fast way to learn and help you get your first client quickly.

So master short-form copy before you learn long-form copy.

When you’re just learning or getting started, learn a short form copy. 

The short-form copy I recommend here is a blog or article that should be around 500 hundred words. 

Or you can try to write an email, and it could be an autoresponder sequence in an email.

Or you might want to try to write a social media post, such as an Instagram post or a short-form Facebook ad.

That’s it. For me, it is an easy step to get into the game.

Test Your Copy

Read your copy aloud and stop when you feel like it doesn’t work smoothly.

You might want to change some of those segments if it doesn’t flow. 

Maybe some of the words seem too complicated when you read them aloud. It’s unclear. 

You can replace that word with easier-to-understand words.

I don’t care what you wrote. 

Just reading it out loud, you will find many places and spots within the marketing message that you could improve. 

So a straightforward exercise but super effective, right?

Research Before Writing 

After reading, you have immense copywriting knowledge and know you can write a copy. 

So it’s time to learn to write better and faster. 

Maybe you heard this sentence “80% research and 20% writing.” 

What does it actually mean? 

Yes, After writing every single word, you should spend 80% of your time doing research and only 20% of your time writing. 

Spending a majority of your time researching will give you the best clear picture of your customer.

  • What do they really want?
  • What makes them interested?
  • What are their frustrations?
  • What are their pain points?

Once you have deep knowledge about your prospects, you have a much easier time crafting a message that speaks directly to them.

There are a TON of ways for researching, but if you’re looking for a simple and fast way to do that, I recommend trying to use SEO tools.

And of course, if you’re like me, and begin learning copywriting with zero budget, then a free SEO tool is the BEST choice for you at the first stage.

Find Inspiration as a new copywriter

If you want some ways to get inspiration, read a blog and watch youtube. In there, you’ll receive a massive free endless idea for your plan of everyday writing. 

When you are bewildered, run out of ideas, lazy, or unmotivated to write, you should actively look for something new or valuable in your niche. They will give you positive energy to start writing immediately…

I exploited it, and it worked really well. I bet you’ll love doing it this way.

But not all blog websites and youtube have original and beneficial resources. 

Reading or watching poor resources takes up a lot of your time and doesn’t contribute to your copywriting learning.

So here are some great sources that I love and highly recommend.

Reading blog:

Watching youtube:

Bonus: 4 Best Tips to Write an Awesome copy for a new copywriter 

Write in the first person

Use “I,” “me,” “we,” and “us” in your copy. 


First-person is a great way to communicate with your audience. It provides a sense of intimacy between you and the reader. 

In other words, using first-person makes the reader feel you are only talking to them, not others, making them feel they’re the main character in a story. 

For example:

example write in the first person

You see, it’s easy, and it brings a huge benefit for your copy.

Write in your unique voice

My mentor told me, “find your own voice,” when I was in college.

It was good advice, and I tried to follow it. But the result is not like I imagine

Some of my first drafts are like “garbage.”

But it’s okay for me because, at that time, I never thought one day I would become a copywriter. 

Until I dive into the copywriter world, and I realize that:

Your voice is essential if you want to be paid as a copywriter writer and have a foot in the copywriting world.

Everyone has a unique viewpoint; if you lose it, you will get lost. It does not make sense to listen to everyone’s opinions, right?

Get the best ones, fix them, and turn them into yours.

I remember someone told me “you just like a new copywriter?”.

Yesssssss,  I’m a new copywriter but NOT a vapid copywriter.

Don’t try to copy or become one hundred percent similar to others, even if they’re a successful copywriter.

Be yourself, and use your word. Natural and original will always be welcome.

Here are four ways to develop your unique writing voice:

  1. Start writing 
  2. Read out loud
  3. Free writing
  4. Ask for feedback

Start practice as soon as possible and see how great you are! 

Provide a solution

You have the reader’s attention, but how do you keep them and come back for more? 

Bring valuable into your copy. 

Make them feel like they’re already getting something valuable from you just by reading. 

Good copy is not just about curiosity. It’s also more powerful to lead your audience to real action. 

Why do people read your copy? 

They’re looking for a solution. 

Yes, they don’t care who writes the copy. 

They don’t care about how best your products or services are. 

What they really want is to find a good solution to solve their existing problems. 

And you’ve answered; show that in your content. Then they’ll trust you and come back again and again. 

Use active voice

The thing here is, people are very busy in their life. Their time is precious. 

So if they have to spend too much time translating your sentence, they will leave immediately without hesitation.

The key is active voice is easier to understand.

A passive voice makes the sentence sound weak and requires too much effort to understand.

For example: 

example write in active voice

Active voice also leads people to take action.  

If you want to write a sale page, email, or blog,…anything you want it to convert, active voice is fantastic to make your copy get a one hundred score in the client’s eyes.

Now It’s Your Turn

I really hope you enjoyed my 8 exercises for a new copywriter guide.

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Which exercise today are you going to try first? 

Are you going to try to set up a daily time for writing?

Or maybe you want to read swipe-worthy? 

Either way, leave a comment below, and I’ll respond with my heart.

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