12 Best Free Keyword Research Tool for Content Writing in 2023

best free keyword research tool
There are hundreds of keyword tools flooding the market, and it makes you wonder if they work.
Yes, I used to be, I even spent hundreds of dollars buying tools that I only used once.
It’s horrible, but if you’re here today, you’ll discover a secret that no copywriter or content writer wants to tell you.
That’s right, you really don’t need to spend a dime to still use these keyword research tools.
I tried using them, and it worked better than expected.
And I know this SEO tool review will be extremely valuable and useful for content writers and those who are just starting to learn about SEO tools.
But not the keyword tools that have to pay a monthly fee for use.
It is a FREE keyword research tool!!!
Yes, not one or two…
In today’s article, I will introduce you to 12 incredible keyword research tools that I have been using and still using. And they are completely free.
So if you don’t want to miss the special train that can take you to the great ocean of keywords, hurry up…
You have 1 second left. Now let’s get started.



Google Search Console (GSC)

Unlike pretty other SEO tools, All GSC’s reports are straight from Google. 

That means the data you get is legit.

Google Search Console helps you estimate your website’s performance and check your website’s ranking in the SERPs.

Google Search Console tool

Let’s look at Overtime charts, and see what you have.

Google Search Console tool

It will show you the exact number of total crawl requests, total download size, average response time, and trending chart.

Then scroll down, and you get the date to help you identify the keyword that is ranking well on your page now.

Google Search Console tool


Google Search Console is a perfect free keyword research tool for optimizing SEO for the website. 

Based on the “Search results” report from your account, you will see how many keywords bring the most traffic to your site in a week, month, or year. 

Or quickly know which keywords are not performing well on your page. 

Learn more


Google Analytics

Honestly, Without Google Analytics, it’s a little trouble when running an SEO campaign

Because Google Analytics gives you detailed vital data, from that you’ll understand clearly how your SEO exertions are paying off.

5 data you must know: 

  • Organic traffic
  • Pagespeed
  • Time on site
  • Traffic sources
  • Bounce rate

Google Analytics tool

More information



Google Analytics shows you in-depth details about your site visitors. How many visitors your website is having, how people combine it with your site, where this traffic comes from, and more.

With impressive high-quality detail data, I highly recommend you start using Google Analytics for your business marketing campaign.

Learn more:

Google Trends

Google Trends helps you compare the popularity of topics.

In other words, You’ll see what people are searching for a lot and interested in over time. 

Look at a stunning example of a Valentine’s campaign of a small flower shop, comparing two topics and seeing which one is better to promote.

Google Trends tool


Then use the timestamp If you want to change the dates of your search with options ranging from “past hour”, “past 30 days”, “past 5 years”…

Google Trends tool

You probably create new ideas, content, or marketing plans based on your target keywords with “Related Queries”. 

Google Trends tool



Thanks to Google Trends, I can save much time finding popular topics and the best keyword trending. 

Believe me or not, this free tool is straightforward and delivers data super fast, and you will fall in love when using it.

Learn more: 


If you want to:

Become an expert in finding long-tail keywords.

Generate 150+ keyword ideas in just a few seconds.

Grow your business with organic keywords by answering questions that prospects are asking about.

AnswerThePublic is an excellent choice for you.

AnswerThePublic tool

Here is an easy way to use it.

Simply type any topic into the search bar. 

For example, I type “email marketing”

AnswerThePublic tool

Then AnswerThePublic sends back to you many data like this:

email marketing 73 questions


AnswerThePublic tool


email marketing 56 prepositions

AnswerThePublic tool

email marketing 38 comparisons


AnswerThePublic tool


email marketing 204 alphabetical


AnswerThePublic tool

Look amazing, right?


AnswerThePublic is a fabulous and delightful way to analyze questions and trouble that your customers actually have. 

You may be surprised when you get endless content ideas from this great free keyword research tool

However, You just have three free queries per day. 

Still, it is fantastic and worth it to anyone who needs it.

Learn more:


Quite similar to Answerthepublic but has more features. 

Ubersuggest shows you a wealth of information like Domain overview, Top SEO pages, Keyword competition, Content ideas, or Blacklink data.

But the best thing I really love about Ubersuggest is that…

They provide a free Chrome extension to check data right on the SERP.

It’s awesome, you know…I usually use this amazing free tool to support writing blogs for my clients.

For example, I search for  “how to write a good essay”.

Then they will provide you with a LOT of useful data like this:

Now, for each post, you can easily check Domain Authority, Social medial share, and backlink which is super important to know if it is a value blog or a weak blog.

And see how your competitor uses their “SEO title”.

Pretty cool, huh…

Okay, here is how to use Ubersuggest better on their website.

Let’s see how it works:

Enter your keyword ideas (or your competitor’s website).

I start with “content marketing.”

Ubersuggest tool

Notice in the left sidebar, click “Keyword Ideas.” 

Ubersuggest tool

Then, Boom!

You have a vast amount of long-tail keywords relevant to your seed keyword. 

Ubersuggest provides 4 important data of those keywords (Volume, CPC, Paid difficulty, SEO difficulty), from there you’ll know which one is the best choice for keyword SEO analysis.

Ubersuggest tool

Next, click on a keyword that you want to rank for.

For example, I select “content marketing strategy”

This chart shows you how the keyword “content marketing strategy” is ranking. It’s going down or going up. If the search volume is high “1600” but the search volume trending is decreasing, you know it’s not a good idea.

Ubersuggest tool

Furthermore, know more about:

  • Top 100 URLs rank for the keyword when you search for it on google.
  • Statistics monthly visits to your website.
  • The number of coming hyperlinks from other websites to this domain.
  • How many times URLs were shared on social media networks like Facebook or Pinterest?


Ubersuggest tool


Ubersuggest can do for you more than that, like a premium SEO tool, but It’s 100% free.

Taste it by starting with the free Chrome extension first. Quite helpful for you. 

Learn more: 

Exploding Topic

Finding a popular topic and identifying trendy keywords before they get competitive.

Best part?

Categories suggest a specific topic category, so you don’t need to waste time finding a new topic.

Exploding topics tool

Exploding topics tool


Exploding topics tool



With Exploding Topics, you can avoid old trends and identify a specific topic category. That’s very important to your business.

Learn more:


Yoast SEO

If you have a website in WordPress, Yoast SEO might be a delicious and simple way to make your content better.

Bonus with several unique features:

  • Check titles tag
  • Set meta descriptions
  • Canonical URL
  • Label index or no index pages
  • Measure sentence and paragraph length 
  • Develop your post on social media

Yoast SEO tool



Yoast SEO is a friendly free keyword research tool with powerful features to optimize your content in search engines. It provides a friendly solution to your site’s problem and saves time on optimization.

Learn more:



One of my favorite free keyword research tools that I use often. Because it almost includes everything I need to help my content and website rank higher and get more traffic.

When I start learning about SEO as a new copywriter, Ahrefs is the first choice that I use to demand my customer’s requirements about keyword SEO.

Because they have a detailed series guide for using this tool, so I learn very quickly in the short term even though I have know nothing about research keywords.

And not just business, marketers choose Ahrefs as a strong right-hand for their SEO campaign.

Here’s what Ahrefs gives you:

  • Site Explorer
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Site Audit
  • Rank Tracker
  • Content Explorer

And more.

Ahrefs tool

In addition to the accessible version of the tool, Ahrefs also gives you other high-end options such as Core Tools and Extra Tools & Features.

Ahrefs tool

However, you will need to upgrade your trial version to use all these functions.



Ahrefs is a free keyword research tool. But if you want to use more than that, check out here to upgrade other unique versions.

Learn more: 


If you are looking for:

  • New keyword ideas 
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Analyze keyword competition level
  • Domain Analytics
  • Compare and fix broken content keyword 
  • Social media marketing

Then Semrush is for you. 

Semrush tool

Imagine, with just one click, you will get 2,000,000 keyword ideas and others’ worth of information without any calories.

I bet you’ll love that. 


Unlike all of the other tools above, to use Semrush you need to sign up and then they provide a 7-day free trial version for you. 

Nothing will cost you a dime. So give it a try.

Learn more: 


Friendly for beginner to intermediate SEOs with organic click-through rate (CTR) and priority score. 

You can also have their free Chrome extension and check domain authority for any page

Moz tool

Here are some examples from Moz:

Moz tool


Moz tool



Moz provides you with 10 free queries per month after you sign up.   

And they also have a premium version that starts at $99.

Learn more:


Question DB

Find ideas that traditional keyword tools miss – QuestionDB.

Understand your customer by discovering exactly what they are writing or finding for. 

Of course, this result is based on your seed keyword.

QuestionDB tool

For example, I search for a “vegan” topic.

Then they show you 50 of 233 total matches like this:

QuestionDB tool

And now you deeply understand what your customer thought.

You know precisely their issue and how they express them in words.

Then you need to provide an appealing solution by answering their question.

QuestionDB tool


Super easy!


QuestionDB is one of the best awesome free keyword research tools for content ideation. 

If you love your articles and social media to have organic content, save this great tool in your options.


Rank Math

Rank Math is a fantastic SEO plugin for WordPress that helps manage your site more effectively. 

What’s more?

  • Preview rich snippets
  • Optimize content in SEO
  • Identify and fix dead links on your web
  • Simply download and install

Rank Math tool


Ideal solution for anyone seeking an SEO tool, so if your site runs on WordPress, you need to install Rank Math. It’s 100% free.

Learn more:

Hope you enjoy it!

All of them are my favorite free SEO tools.

And now I’d like to hear from you.

What free keyword research tool do you like the most? 

Are there any tools you love…but don’t have on this list?

Or maybe you have some questions about this post?

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

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